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Zia Sabers Launches New Lightsabers in the Market

Sugar Land, Texas–(King Newswire – August 15, 2022) – Zia Sabers is a lightsaber-producing company. Zia Sabers presents the advanced lightsabers in the market. The collection of lightsabers is vast, from Relic Lightsaber to Shield Lightsaber, from Tavros to Commander Custom Lightsaber. In the latest expansion, Zia Sabers introduces a new variety of lightsabers, including:

  • Alcor Neopixel LightsaberAlgol Custom Lightsaber 10 Sound Fonts
  • Alpha Neopixel Lightsaber
  • Argo Lightsaber
  • Argo Neopixel Lightsaber
  • ASW Neopixel Lightsaber Ep3-Profile 2.2
  • Bullet Custom Lightsaber (10 Sound Fonts)
  • Ceti Custom Lightsaber
  • Ceti Neopixel Lightsaber

The properties of the lightsaber by Zia Sabers are the Neopixel Custom Lightsabers, tailor-made lightsabers made up of bright and flexible neopixel LED strips. These strips run along the length of the blade and feature RGB color-changing customization. These lightsabers give a realistic look and have different special effects.

Moreover, Zia Sabers is offering Neopixel Lightsabers for Ezra, Flare, and Drogon Lightsabers; with airplane-grade, Aluminum hilt, a 50 Watt Neopixel LED strip, an advanced xenopixel board with Premium sound, and most importantly, a realistic flash-on clash.

Zia Sabers has set a brand-new standard for merchandise industries with an After Sales service team. Additionally, Zia Sabers also offers other accessories: a very affordable lightsaber display stand, an RGB Lightsaber soundboard kit, and a Lightsaber battery one can utilize in case the original one wears out.

Furthermore, “How-to Guides” are also available on the website on topics like “How to Get the Lightsaber combat ready.”

About Zia Sabers

Zia Sabers is light sabers manufacturing company exclusively established for Star Wars Fans. It exhibits a multitude of products and services to its customers on its online store.

Star Wars enthusiasts must check their official website out and add to the collection of unique lightsabers and other accessories to enhance the cosplay experience.

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Company Name: ZIA SABERS
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Contact Number: +1 281-559-7310
Address: 15500 Voss Rd Suite 11, Sugar Land, Texas, 77498, USA.

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